1945 06 27 Natives bringing wounded Pte J. P. Sporn in at Wearnes Hill7th Battalion's Story

The Battalion was formed in 1936 in Mildura, Victoria and was initially called the North West Murray Borderers. Over time, with additions and reinforcements the Battalion gained members from all around Australia.  Highlights of 7th Battalion history include:

  1. Fighting in 1945 on the Numa Numa Trail in central Bougainville, successfully repelling Japanese forces until hostilities ceased in August 1945. At least 62 actions were fought over 4 months;
  2. Serving in British Solomon Islands on Stirling and New Georgia Islands defending US air force installations and supporting US operations;
  3. Serving in Papua New Guinea - undertaking mapping/surveying activities near Wau; and
  4. Serving in the defence of Darwin from Feb 1942 to Sept 1943, during the Japanese bombing raids.

At the end of WW2 the Battalion guarded 26,000 Japanese prisoners on Fauro Island, south of Bougainville until March 1946. Once all members had been discharged, the Battalion was disbanded on 10 May 1946.

For more detailed information on the activities of the 7th Battalion please go to the Our History tab at top of the home page.

(Photo: Local Bougainville men bringing Pte J. Sporn in for treatment at Wearne's Hill.  Source Australian War Memorial)

Bomana War Cemetery Port Moresby

Honour Roll

The following members of the 7th Battalion lost their lives while on Active Service.  We will remember them.

Each name has been linked to the relevant entry for that person on the Australian War Memorial website.  There you will find some further details such as date of death and the location of the person's grave or memorial site.

Quite a few 7th Battalion men were laid to rest in the Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby, pictured to the right.

I. R. Andison      G. C. Clifford           K. Gunter             S. G. Lowe                R. Phipps               H. W. Stevens

R. Archer           J. E. Dike               M. K. Gurney        D. W. MacTaggert      V. G. Schiele         J. A. Thomson

E. J. Bahr          M. I. Dougherty       L. B. Hateley         H. K. Midgley            K. F. Schmidt        A. B. Watson

A. A. Bennett     A. M. Dunbar         R. Keenan             R. Nash                    C. H. Schurr          L. E. Williams

H. W. Brown       W. J. Evans          F. R. Longmore       G. M. Norris             C. W. K. Scott       J. P. Zimmerman

A. T. Clarke        L. G. Grange        W. J. Lord               L. E. North               K. D. Smith

"Lest We Forget"





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Please contact secretary@7thbattalionww2.org.au if interested in attending any of these events, unless an alternative contact is given.

 Bombing of Darwin, 19 February (every year)

Mildura: Cenotaph, Deakin Ave Mildura, commencing at 9.30am. Contact Milldura RSL.

Darwin: Cenotaph, The Esplanade, Darwin. Go to http://www.darwin.nt.gov.au/media-centre/events/ for more information. Organised by City of Darwin.

ANZAC DAY, 25 April (every year)

Melbourne March:  7th Battalion veterans and descendants of veterans participate each year the March is held.

Reunion Lunch:  Venue: Middle Park Bowling Club.

Annual General Meeting, 25 April (every year)

Will be held on same date as the Re-union lunch. Venue: Middle Park Bowling Club.

Combined 7th Battalions Lone Pine Service, August each year

The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.  All members welcome.

Maryborough Weekend, November 2022

All Association members are invited to the annual Maryborough Weekend, held in early November each year.


MID oak leaf

17 members of the 7th Battalion were awarded gallantry awards at the end of the war. 

Their Commanding Officer LTCOL Harry Dunkley was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

16 were awarded Mention in Despatches for their "Exceptional Service in the field in the South West Pacific area" and they are listed below in alphabetical order by surname.

It can be difficult to find out why an award was made, especially for Mention in Despatches.  It might be for a particular event or for actions taken over a period of time. 

Click here for more information on Mention in Despatches. For information on the promulgation of these awards click here.

Those who received a Mention in Despatches were issued with the gold leaf pictured to the right, which was worn pinned to their service medals.

James Leslie BAINES                        Leo James Bernard CLOHESY            Cecil Joseph GOOLEY                         William Ormond MCINNES

Arthur Allan BENNETT                       Glen William DAVIDSON                     William Edward James HOLMES          Gareth RUSH

Lyell Tasman BUTLING                      Leith Eric DONALD                             Donald HOWSON                                Donald Crawford STIRRAT

Wallace Owen CAMERON                 Malcolm Howard ELLIOTT                   Cecil JONES                                       George Henry WEEKS

The 7th Australian Infantry Battalion is one of three 7th Battalions. Ours was formed in 1936 as a militia unit, also named the North West Murray Borderers because its members came from the area where Victoria, NSW and South Australia meet.  In 1942 the battalion was formally moved into the Australian Infantry Forces (AIF) as the 7th Battalion, prior to being sent to serve overseas.

There were two other 7th Battalions.  The first, or 1/7th Battalion served during World War 1.  The 2/7th Battalion (part of the AIF from its inception) also served during World War 2, initially in the Middle East then Greece and Crete.  Later the 2/7th fought in New Guinea near Wau (1943), then in the Torricelli and Prince Alexander ranges (1944).
This website, together with its associated links and resources, attempts to tell something of the real story about the men of 'our' 7th Battalion who helped to defend Australia during the Second World War, and of the Association formed to honour their service.